How is it a "Managed SOC" ?

Most of the companies, especially large scale industries, Fintech, Pharma, Education, Product and Service based companies prefer to have their Security Operations Center outsourced, to focus mainly on their business objectives and revenue growth.

Defmax handles its customers throughout the SOC service life cycle from advice or requirements analysis and implementation, monitoring, and support. Our internal research team gather relevant information related to any attacks wherever it may be found; analyzing and synthesizing it into an understandable format, at times before a threat has even reached your organization.

SOC Managed Services

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Subscription-based services that manage and monitor your logs, devices, clouds, network, preventing security intrusions, managing vulnerabilities, detecting malware, etc. to protect your operational effectiveness and information assets.

Our SOC research team alerts you to any emerging threats that could affect your organization’s operations and impact your financial performance, expose customer data that could damage your organization’s brand and reputation. We provide you actionable guidance to effectively defend the attack.

Cloud-based services or access to client's security information and actionable guidance to improve their security posture.

Protect your reputation and maintain the trust of your investors, customers, and partners.

Our service include responsibilities as

Advanced Threat Intelligence – Professional Teams | 24/7 Security Monitoring. We ensure the trust and company protection by our managed SOC as a Service

SOC: Security Operations Centre

  • 24/7 Cyber Monitoring in real-time
  • Infrastructure, Applications, or Software Management
  • Event Notification, Detection of malicious behavior
  • Development of specific detection rules
  • Continuous Improvement,Filtration of incoming/outgoing traffic
  • Penetration Testing
  • Reports for Auditors
  • Customized and Development Security Recommendations
  • CSIRT: Computer Security Incident Response Team

  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Figuring out solutions and strategies for avoiding incidents
  • Intrusion Detection,Protection of systems and networks which can be compromised
  • Vulnerability Handling,Reviewing other corners of the network to prevent possible spreading of incident
  • Risk Analysis,Filtration of incoming/outgoing traffic
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning / LXC
  • Threat Intelligence

  • Reports on threats as per client’s data/context
  • Continuous monitoring of emerging threats
  • We maintain the intended access control procedure as part of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA)
  • Maintaining knowledge base regularly (Threat Quotient)
  • Solutions are proposed by our experts in response to ongoing Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTPs) and indicators of compromise (IoCs) used by the attackers.
  • Frequently asked common questions

    Why cyber security is important, and why many organizations and agencies globally choose team of professionals from Defmax.

    What is SOC services?
    SOC also known as Security Operations Centre in cyber security. It is a specialist facility needed for threat intelligence organizations who need to monitor and improve their cyber security moments.
    What does SOC monitors?
    A SOC team uses a number of different technologies to help identify threats in organisation’s environment. SOC tools monitor network traffic, event logs and endpoint activity. Defmax security SOC experts use them to collate and analyse the information and use it to identify threats and shut them down before they cause damage and disruption and later have those fixed by client's team if necessary.
    How much does a SOC service costs?
    As you see, the cost of a SOC varies depending upon organizations assets. Implementing the latest technologies and monitoring them 24/7 is expensive, and the certified security experts needed to carry out day-to-day operations don’t come cheap. Even for a medium-sized business, costs can quickly escalate into the millions. So, outsourcing is preferred by most of the organizations these times, as for many organizations the subscription fee will be lower than the equivalent cost of hiring just a small team of analysts to cover a 24/7 shifts. Most of our clients opt us for SOC, as they get more time to concentrate on their business development and leave the security part to Defmax.

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