What & Why Automation?

Automation is about developing tools to streamline and centralize routine tasks, such as using a shared messaging system instead of having information in disconnected silos. Many people spend hours clicking and typing to perform repetitive tasks. We provide you with scripts to automate your work and spare hours of time concentrating on your core business activities. This involves automating the following tasks using REST APIs or Email integration.

  • Automating opening tickets (incidents, tasks, requests) based on triggers/events happening in different applications
  • Updating ticket SLA based on priority
  • Setting ticket attributes based on category

Optimize IT workflows Like Never Before

Following features help improve employee productivity and provide executives insight into IT services health & improvements.

  • Rigorous activation tasks in service desk for any organization.
  • Intelligence processing of tickets by analyzing the task and executing them.
  • Workflow automation
  • Cloud automation
  • Banking and finance automation

Frequently asked common Questions

Why cyber security is important, and why many organizations and agencies globally choose team of professionals from Defmax.

Is AI used in Cyber Security?
In recent times we haven't found any major AI based attacks, but there is news everywhere about developing powerful AI threats for a while. It’s likely that in coming future the viruses will be equipped with some forms of cyber technologies like AI and ML.
Where does AI stands now in Cyber Security?
Viruses surfacing these days are more powerful and in the near future we can expect AI based malicious codes in cyber security. It’s necessary for reputed and large sized organizations to be one step ahead of such threats. Even if cyber criminals didn’t target with AI-based threats yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon. This is why businesses adopt Defmax's AI service in their security.
Advantages of using Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security?
AI plays major role in technological trends and advancements and also faces most of cybersecurity challenges. It works continuously, providing constant oversight, detects distributed threats, and updates on new attacks. AI operates within seconds, quickly going through TB's of data. With Defmax AI security solutions, even big corporations are able to detect threats in seconds.

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