What happens in Source Code Review

The DEFMAX's Source Code Review engagement will consist of a manual review of the critical pieces of code within the application and will include:

  • Architecture and design review, and recommendations for improvements
  • Data boundary analysis identifying vulnerabilities
  • Level of trust, if any, implicitly provided to untrusted data sources or communication channels
  • Effective use of security protocols
  • Application of ciphers to sensitive data, both storage and transmission.
  • Horizontal sampling of cross-cutting concerns for code quality analysis.
  • Vertical sampling of transaction flows for code quality analysis.
Sourcecode methodology

Benifits of Defmax's Source Code Review


Gain insight into many of the risks faced within your enterprise by identifying shortcomings in your existing security program.


Prioritize the biggest threats to the organization and strategically plan the necessary roadmap to safeguard your organization.


Reduce the impact and likelihood of a successful breach and data exfiltration through testing and securing of your organization.


Show customers and stakeholders your commitment to securing and protecting the most valuable assets against various threat actors.

Frequently asked common Questions

Why cyber security is important, and why many organizations and agencies globally choose team of professionals from Defmax.

Why is Source Code Review essential?
Defmax helps with easy detection of flaws in the code via deep-end analysis. We also evaluate the complete code layout for the application which is inclusive of areas that might not be analyzed during the security test for applications like input entry points, internal integrations & interfaces, data handling/validation logic, as well as use of the external frameworks/APIs.
How are flaws in Source Code Review reported?
Team from Defmax prepared and deliver an detailed and comprehensive report of the source code review that includes in-depth summary which lists all the weaknesses and strengths with detailed findings inclusive of the codes fixes and remediation.
What are the benefits of Source Code Review?
It helps in identification of exploitable security issues within the code, enables secure extension of business applications, business-critical data etc.

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