About Network
Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing involves rigorous testing of the controls, frameworks and processes designed for the networks related to the system. It lays out procedures to penetrate into key networks of the system with an aim to identify security susceptibilities and mitigate them much before the attackers do from multiple entry points at different levels.
In a nutshell, a competent Network Pen Test would start off by investigating for information leakages. Next, it undertakes the herculean task of scanning the multiple and ever increasing devices, which are also the entry points to the system. After identifying the susceptible devices, the testing procedures set out guidelines to tighten the safety procedures making defiance tough for the intruders. Alerts are also integrated into the security procedures as a part of infringement management

The network penetration testing includes:
External penetration testing

  • Conducted from the internet as an external network
  • Exposed vulnerabilities as seen from the internet through the firewall
  • Identification of types of resources exposed to the outer world
Internal Penetration Testing
  • To check the risks from within the internal network like LAN
  • Assesses threats coming from workforce or processes within the Enterprise
  • Attempts breaches on internal networks through legitimate user credentials and the privilege level.

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What Network Penetration Testing Covers

Network penetration testing will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers to be able to compromise systems and networks in such a way that allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious/non-business purposes. Our penetration attempting out technique includes an attack simulation done through our rather skilled safety experts on the way to:

  • Identify Security flaws within the environment
  • Understand the extent of damage on your enterprise
  • Help address and attach diagnosed network security flaws

Our Globally Accepted Approach

Our network penetration testing is done manually, for the best results, our testers will use all the techniques — including manual efforts/automated Scanners— to access your network that a highly motivated bad actor might use. All of Defmax’s network penetration testing comes with free remediation testing at no additional cost, with no time limits, to help guide you in your efforts to effectively remediate any issues uncovered by our pentesting team.

Intelligence Gathering

The discovery of all accessible systems and their respective services to obtain as much information as possible.

Threat Modeling

Identifying vulnerabilities within systems via automated scans and deep-dive manual testing techniques.

Vulnerability Analysis

Documenting and analyzing vulnerabilities to develop the plan of attack.


Actually carrying out the attempt to exploit


Prioritizing findings to generate an actionable report with evidence.

Frequently asked common Questions

Why cyber security is important, and why many organizations and agencies globally choose team of professionals from Defmax.

What happens in Network Penetration Testing?
A network pentesting is an assessment done to identify security vulnerabilities that could be used to compromise on-premises and cloud environments. Network testing also includes assessment of perimeter security controls as well as devices such as routers and switches.
Can network penetration testing be performed remotely?
Since Covid-19 lockdown started globally, Defmax started performing internal penetration testing remotely via a VPN connection, and there be no compromise in quality standards while performing testing remotely.
How do network on-premises/remote issues reported?
Defmax network penetration testing results are prepared clearly and a report in generated and its sent to the client's. Every Defmax penetration test includes a written report detailing all vulnerabilities discovered within the infrastructure, includes the severity of risk each vulnerability posed, the difficulty of exploitation and also recommendations to assist remediation.

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