How it works

Multi-blended, adversarial-based attack simulation against people, software, hardware, and facilities performed simultaneously for the conservation of the target’s data security. If you need a full scale ‘no holds barred’ cyber attack launched at your organization or specific assets, Defmax’s Red Team assessments offer unparalleled insights into your security posture. Each Red Team engagement is unique and specifically tailored for every organization, but usually include the following scopes of work:

  • Internal and External Network Penetration Testing
  • Web, Mobile, and SaaS/Cloud Application Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering (Phishing, Vishing, Phone, In-Person)
redteam assesment methodology

Defmax's Red Team Assessment Advantages

Real-world attack scenarios

We uses real-world attacks simulations of realistic attack scenarios using tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Expertise in Industry

The best in class consultants who are experienced with in architectural sectors which includes energy, healthcare, and telecommunication providers.

Lego style objectives

Tailored engagements to meet organizational needs, with objectives based on the most relevant risks to your organization such as access to PCI data..


Detailed, concise reports with actionable recommendations to aid in remediating identified issues post-engagement will be the deliverable added advantage.

What We Analyse

Through the scopes of work, Our Red Team analyzes and assesses below areas

Catalog Data Leaks

A through search of identification vectors via ‘zero packet reconnaissance’ and open source intelligence (OSINT) which helps us discover various entry points, and evaluate various services.

Assess Security & Attack Vectors

Doing an Assessment on networks over the internet by probing vectors to attacks on open ports and services available within.

Attempt exploits

Being in the place of a hacker attempting to attack on any vulnerable or misconfigured systems, services, and infrastructure and they will be assessed for various attack cases .

Social engineering

An activity of psychological manipulation, tricking employees or unsuspected users to reveal confidential or sensitive information pivot to internal networks through phishing, vishing, phone.

Physical Security

Facility/location breach, intelligence gathering will directly help you improve the security posture of your organization and most importantly, you will understand the weak links in terms of people, processes, and technologies.

Frequently asked common Questions

Why cyber security is important, and why many organizations and agencies globally choose team of professionals from Defmax.

What is Redteam Services?
Comparing to other cyber security services, Redteaming showcase you the understanding of how prepared your organization is to defend against a skilled and persistent hacker. Defmax Redteam experts use their knowledge and challenges your organizations virtual and physical cyber security controls and incident response procedures.
What is difference between Pentesting and Red Teaming Services?
A penetration test is done to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period of time. Whereas Red Teaming is engaged over a period of weeks or months and its goal is to achieve a set objective such as data exfiltration, and organisation’s detection and response capabilities. Red Teaming is on a black-box methodology in order to ensure that engagements accurately reflect the approach of genuine attackers.
What will be duration of Red Teaming process if opted?
The duration of our Red Team Operation depends upon the scope and objective(s) of the target. A full end-to-end red team engagement is typically performed over one to two months. Short time operations, such as those designed to simulate insider threats, are often based on an assumed compromise.

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